Monthly Horoscope- October 2016

Aries- This month a homebody, and getting close to those you love

Taurus- Time to network, you are truly a social butterfly this month

Gemini- Organize and simplify, you attract attention on the work front

Cancer-New solar cycle -Baby you are a magnificent star

Leo- This is a quiet period, so enjoy, the light will shine on you again

Virgo-This month you connected to all your people, alliances!

Libra-You are the Center of attention in your career life, tear it up!

Scorpio- You see the big picture, make use of great opportunities

Sagittarius- Bonding with those you care about is most important, so cuddle up

Aquarius- Get proactive, set goals and fire up your imagination

Pisces-The next 6 months are yours to shine, start today!